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Jay Godfrey views fashion as the epicenter of the creative universe. Thefastest moving of creative disciplines, the world of style is in aperpetual state of searching for newness and freshness. Fashion andstyle are affected by our moods, our personalities, our culture and evenour economies. Fashion is now becoming democratized and customers arestarting to have access to high style at all price points. Technologicaladvancements have changed the paradigm and the fashion industry has notonly embraced such change but been a leader in communicating directly tothe consumer thru social media channels like Instagram and Twitter. Customers are also demanding personalization and fashion houses allaround the world are accommodating these demands by bringing the consumerinto the design process. Mobile shopping across multiple platforms hasbeen a lifestyle change for millions of consumers and the ease of thishas inspired many other industries to follow suit.


The need to express and share a love for what we do by restaurateurs the world over is to be what excites me. I share there passion in what I do, it also drives me to continue to create and share the best of the best that I seek out everywhere I go with as many people as I can. There is no better testament to a great restaurant than that is spread by word of mouth, recommendations that come from falling in love with the gems we find.

CHG is inspired by these stories…

A Nightly Dinner Out That’s Like Therapy

“Maybe because I’m eating alone at my age, people at other tables start conversations,” he said.”

Capt. Krithi I.R Shetty–The First Bunt Lady Commander

Mumbai, May.10: Capt. Krithi I.R Shetty, Daughter of Inna Baggara Guthu CA I.R Shetty ...

Hall of Innovators

“Michael Arad,Jack Ma,Mohammed Younus,Earvin Magic Johnson,Anne Wojcicki,Ma huateng...”