Technology is an ever-innovating distribution platform that represents a curated collection of lifestyle hotels, high-end residential rentals and timeshares around the world.

CachetWorld is designed for the globally-inspired and travel-obsessed social communities who share a mantra defined by music, art, design, great food and unforgettable social experiences.


Cachet Curated Collection

CachetWorld offers design and experiential collections to travelers giving them more access to distinct properties, and an even easier way to discover them.

This larger selection of curated, best-in-class, distinctive hotels and residences gives CachetWorld travelers the added ability to select the perfect property that fits their personality and criteria. Travelers have even more access from an expanded inventory with more unique experiences each week across more worldwide destinations.


Cachet Curated Residences

Cachet World offers a unique collection of elite residential rental listings, including villas, townhomes, condos, and estates.

For the discerning traveler seeking a home away from home, these properties have been curated to include only the most desirable private accommodations.


Cachet Adventures

More to explore.

Our timeshare members discover amazing values for vacations with family and friends.

Our members:

  • Browse through our permanent collection of hundreds of resorts in more than 80 nations around the world.
  • Spacious, quality accommodations at the world’s most desirable vacation destinations.
  • Members receive access to exclusive sales & savings.
  • Resort packages starting at US$399 for 7 nights stay.


Cachet World Loyalty Program

Do What You Love & Get Rewarded

Cachet World’s proprietary customer loyalty and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs are powerful e-commerce tools that maximize customer awareness, engagement, retention and loyalty.


Cachet Rewards has three member levels: voyageur, sage, and connoisseur. It’s simple: travel and spend more, receive greater benefits. But these are not one-size-fits all perks.

Our CRM program captures comprehensive customer data, including preferences of food, amenities and style. Intricate algorithms then map spending patterns and predict behavior for personalized promotions, rewards and communications.






Digital Magazine

With Cachet World’s blogs and user-generated content, our social community will have access to dependable tips, reviews, and insights to help travelers maximize their trips. Instead of having to rely on the anonymous, dubious opinions of online forums, we will feature trusted Tastemakers. Opinion leaders such as respected designers and chefs will offer up-to-date takes on the latest trends in dining, entertainment, art and more. Users will also be able to share their valuable knowledge, personal experiences, photos and videos with each other, but unlike other unreliable sites, commenters on Cachet World are recognized by their level in our loyalty program, lending reassuring credibility to their contributions.


Select third party boutique and lifestyle hotels and consumer brands will have the opportunity to join cachet world in a mutually beneficial partnership

Affiliating with cachet world means harnessing the power of CACHET Hospitality Group’s extensive global presence. The CACHET Hospitality Group brand portfolio already extends from china and southeast asia to the americas, with several more stunning properties in the pipeline.

From China and Southeast Asia to the Americas, with several more stunning properties in the pipeline.


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