Cachet Womens Day

LOS ANGELES (March 8, 2017) – In honor of International Women’s Day, Cachet Hospitality Group celebrates the many extremely talented women who have helped make CHG one of the leading international hospitality brand and management companies in the Asia-Pacific. 

Cachet proudly boasts the most gender-diverse executive team of any Asian-based hospitality branding business, comprising of over 50% of our senior management team: 

  • Meredith Gelacak Mulligan - President of Hotel Operations – Americas
  • Kimy Chen - President of Southeast Asia
  • Lei Li – General Counsel
  • Yvonne Choi - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Pauline Choo - Managing Director of Design
  • Nicole Hendrix - Director of Operations - Americas
  • Jessie Li - Vice President of Business Development - Asia 

Cachet women are invaluable to not just our creative capabilities, but to our customer service operations that permeate all levels of our organization.  Our Shanghai and NYC hotels are both led by highly capable women and their executive teams are also predominately women. 

Though CHG’s’s focus on gender equality is a sign of progress in the industry, there is more to be done. According to reports by Accor and Diageo, 50% of the workforce in Asia is female, but in full-service hotels only 20% of the management positions and less than 10% of the General Manager positions are filled by women.

Our company has set a goal to greatly increase the percentage of women in management positions at its hotels and restaurants in China, the U.S., Mexico, and Southeast Asia so as to reflect overall female representation in the workforce. This includes mentoring women in our pipeline who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and the drive to grow within the corporation and the business at large.

By nurturing skilled personnel, promoting mobility, and engaging with developers and property owners to change outdated mindsets, CHG plans to foster the next female leaders of the hospitality industry.