CachetWorld: Travel. Curated.

CHG’s new proprietary online marketplace is the world’s most personalized lifestyle travel platform. CachetWorld envelops consumers in a dynamic community where they can discover and share experiences, including travel, food, drink, art, culture and more.

It includes a search and booking engine for boutique and lifestyle hotels, high-end residences and vacation rentals. And with integrated CRM, CRS and marketing software, CachetWorld also creates opportunities for property owners and travel planners to increase revenue, generate personalized customer profiles, enhance satisfaction and improve performance.

Reward Your Passions

The CachetWorld loyalty program is a gateway into a travel-centric lifestyle community. Fully integrated with our online marketplace, CachetWorld rewards members who engage with CHG and our partner properties by granting them status into one of three tiers: Voyageur, Sage and Connoisseur. As members advance in CachetWorld, they can select from a catalog of our most-requested perks, such as early check-in, suite upgrades and entry to exclusive events. 

Developed by a top technology provider

To help bring our ambitious vision to fruition, we chose IGT — a subsidiary of InterGlobe and one of the world’s top providers of travel-technology solutions — to develop CachetWorld. IGT’s team worked tirelessly to help us create a revolutionary platform that will bring together communities and empower travelers across the globe.  

Powerful Partnerships

To spur the growth of our technology platform, we have executed strategic partnerships with major airlines, credit-card programs, banks, car rental and auto companies, as well as large vacation-inventory partners. This partnership database represents more than 55 million potential customers.